The only DVD retail security system with proven results.

Red Tag™ not only offers increased security but also reduces barriers to purchase which in trials has shown customer sales rising by as much as 40%.

To find out how you can take advantage as a retailer, implement Red Tag™ into rental stores or specify this product contact us right now and you’ll see why we have such a great case!

The case for increased profits with Red Tag. It looks and costs just the same as a normal Amaray cas, but it saves you time and money by incorprating the DVD right from the start.The unique Red Tag™ security system locks the DVD & case ogether securing the disk and acting as a deterrent to shoplifters. High speed removal of the Red Tag™ device at checkout leads to quicker  customer service.

The Red Tag system has no barriers to sales, very low security costs and an acceptable level of shrinkage – the optimum commercial outcome.